Can you help your client gain these benefits in retirement?

Tax Free Income for Life
Protection of Gains
Long Term Care Benefits
Tax Free Death Benefit
Increase Estate Liquidity

Your client deposits $500,000 into a Fixed Index Account (annuity), which will provide $33,300 income per year starting year two.

The annuity income begins to fund the life insurance policy year two, providing the client a $1,000,000 death benefit, as well as living benefits.

The life policy is fully funded after ten years, and the client can begin to take an income of $37,000 per year for the rest of their life, totalling $3.2 million in total income taken.

Show your clients how they could receive over $4,200,000 in benefits using this concept!

Who benefits?

The client, spouse, children or charities.

  • Long term care income
  • Tax free death benefit
  • Maximize lifetime income
  • Protect gains and increase liquidity

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