Achieve up to a 90% appointment ratio and establish credibility in the industry with educational workshops.

Become an instructor with Adult Financial Education Services, a not-for-profit organization available only to Simplicity Financial Marketing Advisors. You’ll teach a course to paying participants – highly motivated students in your target demographic. Choose from a wide variety of course topics, then let us plan and market the event on your behalf.

Our in-house marketing team will work with you to secure a local college venue and provide you with the training you’ll need to succeed. By selecting this item, you’ll get the recommended 10,000 piece mailing, online registration and RSVP service.

NOTE – for max effectiveness, you’ll need to be starting this marketing 7-8 weeks before your workshop! If you’re considering dates, and want to throw some ideas around, call Ashley Giovenco, in our office, at 800-390-9016.

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