If you like The Shield™, then you’ll love the flexibility of the CONTROL Calculators!  Giving you colorful, easy to understand material to supplement carrier illustrations, these calculators will help your clients easily understand a variety of strategies.

These seven calculators were hand-selected as the ones MOST helpful to closing business with clients.

The Presidential Suite includes:

  • The WAM (Withdrawal Account Maximizer)
  • Income Forecaster
  • ProForma (One-page summary of your financial plan)
  • Strategy Analyzer (Easily backcast any index in the industry)
  • Percy (Gives you the weighted annual return of client’s current portfolio)
  • NEWT (Analysis of cost of Mutual Funds)
  • RAFT (Compare risks and fees between two plans)

If you’d like a personalized tour of our software, we’d be glad to schedule one for you.  Call us at 800-390-9016.

This package will give you access to the Presidential Suite of CONTROL Calculators for 3 months.