Do you have ENOUGH qualified prospects to work with? Is your pipeline full of people who NEED your services?


If you are not marketing, your business will not grow! Every financial professional needs to have an effective & consistent marketing plan to build their business. We offer marketing systems that consistently & effectively get our financial professionals in front of qualified dollars to work with. We have:

  • Turn-key Seminar System
  • Direct Mail Lead Programs
  • Advertising & Marketing Materials

AP&A’s marketing systems are developed, tested, & proven by top producers in the field every day. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to marketing to the right people. Contact our professional marketing coordinator to help you establish a personalized marketing plan — 1-800-390-9016.


Optimize your Marketing Dollars! Use our programs and see your return double, and even triple!

If you could get in front of 8 to 10 new clients a week, how many could you close?

Results from the use of these systems may not be representative of the experience of all financial professionals and is no guarantee of success. Your results may vary.