The future of lead generation has arrived.

Investors are their own worst enemy; they are psychologically programmed to fail.  And when they do, the advisor is to blame and the business suffers. But what if there was a tool that could help you and help investors? And what if this single tool could enhance client loyalty, generate leads, produce referrals, and give you visibility of un-tapped retirement assets? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. The future of client communication and lead generation has arrived.

What is AssetLock®?

AssetLock® is a communication tool used to help investors stay informed on the progress of their employer-sponsored retirement accounts including: 401(k), 403(b), and TSP plans.

How AssetLock® Personal Works

First, the investor links his or her retirement account to AssetLock® Personal. Next, the investor sets the AssetLock® Percentage; this is the maximum downside (or loss) the investor is willing to experience in that account.

The AssetLock® Percentage can range from 5%-30% and is always based on the High-Water Value (the highest value the account has reached). As AssetLock® monitors the account, the investor will receive text and/or email notifications of new account highs, and if the account is nearing or has reached the AssetLock® Percentage (the maximum downside value).

With AssetLock® Personal, your clients are in complete control over the AssetLock® Percentages on their accounts, and can even customize their alerts to best meet their needs!

Help protect your gains with AssetLock®: The chart above demonstrates using AssetLock® with a portfolio where a 10% AssetLock® Value was chosen. Assuming an initial deposit of $100,000 and eventual growth to $146,793, the resulting AssetLock® Value would be $132,114.

Current Account Value

Actual daily account value based on data of the close of the Stock Market the previous business day.

High-Water Value

Highest value account has reached. This value increases as the account grows and will not decrease due to loss.

Market Value

Market value for account, assuming that the account maintained the original investment mix.

AssetLock® Value

This is the high-water value less the maximum percentage of loss the investor is willing to incur.

Become an AssetLock® Equipped Advisor and put AssetLock® to work for YOU!

AssetLock® Personal can give you an entirely new way to communicate with your clients, and it will transform the way you prospect. Become AssetLock®-Equipped, and gain visibility of untapped retirement assets, and the opportunity to start the retirement-income planning conversation. You will also benefit from…

  • AssetLock®-Equipped Competitive Advantage
  • Mass-Marketing Strategies
  • New “Retirement Plan” Target Market
  • Added Client Loyalty and Trust
  • A Robust Advisor Support Package
  • Proven Lead-Generation Strategies
  • Enhanced Communication Capabilities
  • Simplified Referral Process for Clients
  • Heightened Referral Tracking Feature
  • Customizable AssetLock® App

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