Our System

North American
We don’t just offer general solutions, we offer varied solutions that can HELP your clients and grow your business. Using software enables your prospective clients to see your value added benefits.
We offer field tested marketing systems that are used by million dollar producers across the nation. No marketing system of ours is released until it is proven by our top producers.
We offer holistic training that teaches the best practices from our top producers. You will never know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know! In other words, training will open your mind and practice to endless possibilities!


  • AP&A started in 2002 as a way for Tom to give back by creating opportunity for more producers and clients.
  • Using AP&A marketing programs and tools many top financial professionals are able to move millions in assets.
  • AP&A has a vast network of over 2,000 financial professionals across the United States.
  • Our system has led financial professionals to significantly increase their production.